Naturally  bio  & logical !

About Natural Bag

The inception of Natural Bag came from our dream that in the future all plastic bags will be replaced by biodegradable bags and that for paper bags you do not have to cut down any forests anymore. Therefore we offer only truly sustainable bags!

The caring for our environment, nature and the sense of a shared responsibility now and also for those who come after us: our children and future generations, to grow up in an environmentally safe world, luckily, is shared by more and more people and organizations.

Natural Bag is a company that sells to companies, organizations and municipalities that recognize themselves in this responsibility. Choosing a 'natural bag' is an eco-logical decision towards a cleaner local environment and globally a cleaner planet.

Sustainable contribution

Through the use of
 renewable resources we aim to offer a sustainable alternative to fuel based polyethylene packaging. Our bioplastic bags are made of corn starch. The corn used to produce the granules for the bioplastics is not withdrawn from the food chain.

Natural Bag offers the highest quality biodegradable bagsThe complete range of our bioplastic carrier bags is 100% compostable and certified according to the European standard EN 13432, subsequently they carry the OK compost and/or Seedling label published by Vinçotte. Our jute, juco, and organic cotton bags are produced sustainably and are fair trade certified. 

NEW in our assortment is the high quality TREE-FREE paper bag! These unique paper bags are made from PaperWise, a special paper for which no trees have been cut down. The ecological impact is 47% lower than FSC paper made from wood fibers and 29% lower than recycled paper. The paper is food safe EC-1935 and compostable EN 13432 certified. 

Natural Bag gives agricultural waste materials a high quality and useful second life by transforming it into the most sustainable paper bag in the market place today! 

Join us in creating a better world and order your bags here.